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Welcome to Spartan Chiropractic Performance, your premier destination for holistic wellness and optimal performance. We are committed to helping you unlock your body's true potential, enabling you to move and feel your best every day. 


Unlike traditional approaches that focus solely on pain management, we prioritize functional movement and lifestyle enhancement. Our goal is to empower individuals to live their lives to the fullest, free from the constraints of pain. Whether you dream of throwing a football with your kids, working at your desk without discomfort, or confidently strolling along Bayshore, we want to make these experiences a reality for you. 


Our mission is to heal and transform lives, allowing our clients to embrace an active and fulfilling lifestyle. With a deep understanding of the profound impact that pain and injuries can have on daily life, we are passionate about helping people regain their vitality. 


Our comprehensive range of services includes chiropractic adjustments, specialized care for sports injuries and auto accidents, cupping therapy, rehabilitation exercises, and effective treatments for headaches, lower back pain, and neck pain. Don't see what you're looking for? Reach out to us and we'd be happy to talk through a custom treatment plan. 


Join us on this journey to optimal health and let us guide you toward a pain-free life.


Chiropractic adjustments, specialized care for sports injuries and auto accidents, cupping therapy, rehabilitation exercises, and effective treatments for headaches, lower back pain, and neck pain. 

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Chiropractic Treatmeant

This includes Chiropractic Manipulation and a full body adjustment.

Manual Tissue Therapy

These treatments involve manipulation of the muscle and connective tissue, through active release, eccentric stretching, and instrument-assisted soft tissue.

Auto Injury

Injured in an auto accident? We are qualified to help treat these injuries.

Sports Injuries

Are you being held up by a nagging injury? Whether it is a sprained ankle or shoulder impingement we can help get you back moving! 

Cupping Therapy

Static cupping, slide cupping, and dynamic cupping for pain relief.

issue Work

Using stainless steel tools to help to manipulate adhesions, increase tissue mobility, and decrease pain.

Meet the Dr

Meet Dr. Calhoun

Spartan Chiropractic Dr

Hey there, I'm Dr. Bobby Calhoun and welcome to Spartan Chiropractic. My mission is to help people move and feel better in every aspect of their lives. 


I'm a born-and-raised Florida native from the east coast. I started my career journey at the New York Institute of Technology, where I played lacrosse for two years before deciding to head back to my home state. At The University of Tampa, I not only earned my degree in Allied Health with a Concentration in Physical Therapy studies but also had the privilege of captaining the Men's Lacrosse team. We had an incredible run, going undefeated in conference play for two years straight, clinching two conference championships, and making it to the NCAA tournament twice.


After completing my bachelor's degree, I enrolled in Keiser University's College of Chiropractic Medicine (KUCCM) where I received the Clinical Excellence Award and the Sports Performance & Physical Rehabilitation award. While pursuing my doctoral program, I took on the role of offensive coordinator for the Men's Lacrosse team at Keiser University. We even made it to the National Championship in our first year of the program. I also had the pleasure of coaching multiple youth lacrosse teams in the area and even played professionally for the Florida Launch (MLL) in the summer of 2018.


Throughout graduate school, I worked with athletes of all ages and skill levels. As an intern and fitness coach, I worked closely with MLB, NFL, and collegiate athletes. In the 2019-2020 NFL season, I served as an assistant manual tissue therapist for the Miami Dolphins. 


I always knew that the path forward would be to open my own practice and in 2021 I made that dream come true and Spartan Chiropractic opened its doors. I also proudly serve as the chiropractor for the University of Tampa Athletics Department. 


My passion and purpose as a chiropractor is to empower individuals to achieve optimal movement and well-being in every facet of their lives. I firmly believe that by helping people move and feel their best, they can embrace a life filled with fulfillment and joy, engaging in the activities they love with utmost vitality. 


Let's start your journey towards improved movement and well-being today.


Thanks for being here. 

Dr. Bobby Calhoun

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Tampa FL 33606 - Suite D

Tel: 813-358-8441

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“I saw immediate benefits once I started getting adjustments and physiotherapy work done once a week, with Dr. Calhoun. Huge benefit to anyone who is active.”


“I couldn’t say enough great things about Dr. Calhoun. Personable, full of knowledge, and overall a great doctor. For the last two years, he’s been the only Dr to help my neck pain and keep it away! If you’re looking to support local, and small businesses while investing time back into your body, this is where you need to be!”


“I was afraid I had something major wrong with my spine until getting further evaluated by Dr. Calhoun. He assured me a manipulation would get me feeling back to normal and he was right. He’s knowledgeable, solution-focused, and personable. Two thumbs up”


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